Over 12 Years of Achievements

The BTC. has for more than 12 years been recognised in UAE & Gulf area leader in prestressing and other related industries. Its structure allows it to respond to and satisfy the most stringent of requirements to guarantee project quality, safety and durability. The Group has chosen to direct effort towards the development of technical turnkey proposals to generate optimal solutions.

The Company provides skilled and trained staff with a core of 30 Engineers specialists, two experienced technical centres and the ability to develop new methods, equipment and materials. Today, BTC. also offers an innovative contractual approach that enables the company and the contractor to focus on what is «best for project».

BTC. is also involved in sustainable construction and many of its innovations help achieve this. Specialist equipment is designed to be as modular as possible to allow reuse in different configurations. Post-tensioned structures consume less energy and the use of post-tensioning allows structures to be reinforced with minimal invasiveness. Structural durability is a critical issue for project owners and the use of external post-tensioning for structural repairs extends the lifespan of structures. The ultra-high-performance material Ductal provides both fire and explosion protection.

Local knowledge is also important: all BTC. Members are entrepreneurs with in-depth knowledge of their own markets and are committed to providing creative and safe solutions together with top-quality services. BTC. benefit from the exchange of expertise throughout the international network.

BTC. continues to focus on the search for methods and technologies that will maintain its competitiveness and ensure its enduring market success.