Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete. Post-tensioning tendons, which are prestressing steel cables inside plastic ducts or sleeves, are positioned in the forms before the concrete is placed. Afterwards, once the concrete has gained strength but before the service loads are applied, the cables are pulled tight, or tensioned, and anchored against the outer edges of the concrete.

Post-tensioning is a form of prestressing. Prestressing simply means that the steel is stressed (pulled or tensioned) before the concrete has to support the service loads. Most precast, prestressed concrete is actually pre-tensioned-the steel is pulled before the concrete is poured. Post-tensioned concrete means that the concrete is poured and then the tension is applied-but it is still stressed before the loads

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are applied so it is still prestressed.

  • Our company provides all consultancy and engineering designs of integrated buildings and bridges including (reinforcing steel and pre-tensioning or extension) according to the requirements of the work and the type of concrete appropriate to the requirements of work.
  • Our company offers specialized technical lines in the installation of tensile or attached tensile devices with all quality and safety controls in accordance with the specifications mentioned in ISO No.
  • Our company is a pioneer in the field of processing of tensile materials and attached from the approved international facilities such as America, Australia and Germany and included (strand,anchor ,wedge , Duct )
  • Our company is distinguished by the others by owning a workshop specialized in manufacturing pre-tension molds and technical tools in the field of blacksmithing.

– Post-Tension Materials supplier
– Supervision of all carpentry work of foundations, floor beams, coloumns, walls and slabs.
– Elevated Structural Slabs & Beams
– Transfer Girders
– Value Engineering
– Jobsite Technical Assistance & Troubleshooting
– Design Assistance for all structural system & Engineering Support
– Post-tension Repair & Recovery
– Cost Analysis
– Expert Consulting